Full Function Radio Controlled
Forward, Reverse, Turn Left & Turn Right
Dual Propellers
High quality
High Performance
6.0v rechargeable battery
With light
Detailed Interior & Exterior
Glossy Exterior Paint
Easy to Assemble
Speed: 5-10 mph
Controlled Range 60 feet
Scale: 1:52
Factory assumable Ready to Run

Package Includes:

6.0v Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Battery.
Battery Charger Adapter (110V)
One Controller.
One 9V battery for the controller.

Product Features

  • Factory assumable Ready to Run
  • Speed: 5-10 mph
  • Controlled Range 60 feet
  • Dual Propellers
  • High Performance

3 thoughts on “20″ RC Boat Navy Battle Ship HT-2877 (Color and Exact Model May Vary)

  1. Gift for my son. My 3 year old loved this toy. We have almost run it out of battery power in the middle of our lake because he enjoys it so much. He is able to control it all on his on. We will be buying more toys like this in the future.


  2. Can Be a Great Watercraft if You (owners and parents) Take The Proper Precautions My buddies and I, being the super nerds that we are, are fascinated with RC craft since our occupational budgets don’t allow for real boats or airplanes. We’re also big photography nuts that love GoPro and see what we can mount them on. Wanting to combine the two and after having waay too much Mountain Dew one night around the bonfire, we gathered around my laptop to find a decent RC watercraft to experiment on. 


  3. Great Little RC Boat (after minor modification) for the price! Thanks to earlier reviews, I knew to be skeptical about the sea-worthiness of this boat. So, I started by examining it closely and using some sealant to waterproof the hull. Clearly at this price, this boat was not designed or executed with German precision engineering. There was a sizable gap in places along the deck line, where the deck meets with the hull. Had I not taken the time to seal that with silicone, this little boat would probably have take on water and shorted out the electronics…


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