This is a laser cut short kit for the Piranha Sea Plane. The Piranha is one of the most beautiful sea planes I have seen. ( Looks like a Berkeley’s 1/2A Privateer on steroids) We have been making these kits for many years now and our customers love them. It has a long-cord 74 inch wing that will carry all the batteries you could want and still be able to get up on the step for an easy R.O.W. We had to show the plans in multiple photo’s because they are over 10 feet long! The short kit includes all of the fuselage formers and sides, all of the wing, vertical and horizontal fin ribs. The pylon and many other misc cut to shape parts. If you like Sea Planes, you will love this one. Note: This is a short kit and does not contain any stick or sheet balsa or the covering materials