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SUPER HUGE! RC SR71 Blackbird RTF Model Jet Plane Vehicle Aerobatic Twin EDF

Dear Friend, if you want to buy this item, please read these specifics before you click button. This RTF model is ONLY for experienced players and collectors coz it’s not a toy. Flying a airplane model potentially takes risks of injury to yourself and others, fire disaster, and loss of treasure of your own and others, and. Like everything in the life, your participate at your own risk. So, I require our buyer has experience on this.Please note this RTF model was well packed in an original box and need to be slightlyassembled by yourself. Specification:Product Name: SR71 RTF modelLength:1200mmWingspan:700mmWing area:24.5d㎡EDF diameter:2*64mmFlying weight:1050gThrust::≥1600g Terminology:There is no clear industry standard definition for RTF, PNP, ARF, RXR, KIT, etc. Every manufacturer makes up thier own difinitions.The generally accepted definitions are:KIT means that you get all of the components of the plane, i.e.: fuselage, wings, tail, landing gear, even ductedfan, etc, prebuilt but not pre-assembled; No any electronic parts are included.RTF(Ready To Fly) means that you get the complete playable model which includes everything including electronic parts—equipped model itself and RC transceiver, battery and so on, by which you can play after you slghtly assemble it .RXR means that you get the RTF excepting RC transceiver.ARF and PNP means that you get the RTF excepting RC transceiver as well as Battery.The RTF model includes following accessaries, so you don’t need to buy them:Radio:8CH RCBrushless ESC:2*30A5*17g digital metal servoBrushless motor:2*3500KVBattery:25C 14.8V/2200mAh The RTF model requires to buy:1 set of 6S balance charger1 power adaptor for balance chargerFeatures: EPS foam materialUnique designHigh simulation, copy the fastest speed plane in the worldTwin 64mm EDFHigh speed at 120KM/HRetractable landing gearExcellent stability of nosing up and downExcellent hedgehopping performance Delivery Time and shipping cost:Delivery to you takes 5-15 business daysFriends from East EuroApe, South America, and Middle East, please contact with me for shipping details before purchasing or else there may be many troubles. Warranty:Friend, I will be responsible for the deal until i win your great review, any negative feedback is unnecessary, please contact with me if there is ANY problem about the shipping and product. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE Import Dutis, taxes, and Charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost, These charges are the buyers responsibility Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional cost will be prior to buying or biding These are not allowed to be copied without the permission of seller Necessary checking processes you can not avoid: RC model is not a toy, it requires professional skills and knowledge; If you buy a toy, sorry, we don’t agree to sell it. Below 14 ages is not suitable for this. If you are a novice, accompanied with a veteran and open your rc trainer function. Before you assemble your model, singly check your model electronic systems, including motor, ESC, receiver, servo, and specially LiPo battery, yes, must, to be a seller I require you to check your battery with a battery checker, you can buy a SkyRC lipopal battery check from me to test battery voltage, it is a essential step or else you are at risks: 1, your lipo battery may be broken down; 2, your ESC may be burned down, and probably catch on fire; 3, a charging battery may be burn down and probably catch on fire; 4, your charger will be damaged and circuit board(PCB) will be broken down, and probably catch on fire; And so on. The writer has met several incidences above coz of cheap quality of battery and occasionally out of carelessness, very dangerous. The reason why it becomes dangerous is, the lipo battery is actually essentially very instable on physical properties, it has limited life, and limited using voltage, when cell voltage is lower than 2.65V and higher than 4.25V, the battery has been already close to damaged, no doubt about it. Charging current is another problem since there are flooded with respective kinds of lipo batteries with different qualities. Real charging rate is a problem too, please choose a relatively low current charging. Charger itself is another factor that may cause an incident; please make use of a branded reliable charger. And, some lipo battery set may be broken down by one pc of cell, one cell break down, the lipo battery set is dangerous in use and charging, stop to use. A battery checker is very useful, each hobbyist ought to have it. Charging process is not always reliable, there must be somebody keeping aside and turn charging off when leave off, or else, I remember a friend’s house becomes totally black and all rc hobby treasure are all scorched down and his furniture left skeleton emitting out burnt smell, a tragedy of carelessness, maybe overcharged. Flying test, as to this process, I have little to say, please accumulate yourselves knowledge and experience especially for those who are a newcomer to rc hobby. Making every step reliable is saving money for you. But you are still probably paying some tuition, taking some detours, it is normal and rewarding. The more time and learning you devote, the more rewarding to your skills. Disclaimer Terms: 1, Flying a RC model is potentially very dangerous, everyone entering the hobby needs to be made aware of this. Like everything in life, you participate at your own risk. 2, My aim is to provide the hobbyist great RC model planes and responsible after-sale service; You must accumulate yourselves experience to test and fly a new model; You could get info from manual, books, and respective websites. Some adjustment steps probably will arouse a puzzle, in order to solve it, you need to search help from a veteran! 3, Please flying this model in an open special flying field; Or else you may injure a passenger or your children, destroy your mom’s car, even, catch a fire on yours and neighborhood house and even receive a court summons. We are not responsible player’s acts. 4, LiPo Battery is indeed very instable. When testing electronic elements, please make sure you put your model on an open safe place close to extinguishers and fire pump. In fact I have a friend who almost burned his model and his garage coz of ESC problem. 5, Testing process is necessary. If your model has any circuit fault and a failure element, you could debug and fix it or search help from me. We are not responsible for a flying model. Once the model flies in the sky, we are not responsible anymore as we assume our customer has experience and skills to handle problems. After-sale Service: We are responsible for this deal. Under some circumstances we undertake for our customer:1, items shipping breakage; 2, on-floor original fault of electronic parts; 3, items missing; 4, shipping delay; We can not be responsible under some circumstances: 1, outer package is broken, but inner items are in good condition(if you dislike please stop to buy coz some delivery man is really rude to package); 2, buyer misuses the model in assembly, testing; 3, once model is up in the sky, we assume our customer has learned the skills of testing and flying and could be responsible for his own act, all failure and potential loss of treasure and human safety is not our liability. 4, misuse of lipo battery; 5, Customs fee charged by your local customs office(contact me for exempt situation) About for shipping: Handing time 24-48 business hours We ship to most countries with 4-14 business days Brazil and Russia, South American, Middle East buyers please contact me to inquire shipping, coz shipping maybe get some trouble. We don’t ship to Middle Asia (Kazakhstan excluded), Central America, Africa. About Return: We accept return of the item within 14 days after receiving items. Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost coz seller had paid shipping cost to you.